America's Watershed Steering Committee

A diverse steering committee include participants from across the watershed and different sectors.

Dru Buntin

Upper Mississippi River Basin Association (UMRBA) St. Paul, MN



DruBuntinPrior to joining UMRBA in 2013, Dru spent 12 years at the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) where he served as the Deputy Director for Policy, Chief of Water Resources, and Director of Governmental Affairs.

In these roles Dru worked on important river-related issues, including flood recovery, endangered species, drought relief, energy efficiency, water quantity and hydropower.

He also served on multiple intergovernmental bodies during this time, including UMRBA’s Board of Directors, holding the position of UMRBA Chair in 2011-2012. Additionally, Dru worked in Missouri’s Washington, D.C. Office and the Office of the Missouri Governor for several years before joining Missouri DNR.