America's Watershed Board of Directors

A diverse board includes participants from across the watershed and different sectors.

Larry Weber

Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Iowa. Iowa City, Iowa

Larry Weber is the Chair in Hydraulics in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and director of Hydroscience & Engineering at the University of Iowa. His leadership of that world-renowned institute has advanced it to even greater prominence, doubling its number of graduate students and tripling its grant- and contract-supported research. In 2009 Weber co-founded the Iowa Flood Center, which has provided superb services to the state to help Iowans prepare for flooding events more effectively.  The center has taken on a national profile, sharing valuable knowledge with communities and institutions across the country. In 2013, Weber led a collaborative effort with the Iowa Legislature, Iowa State University and the University of Northern Iowa to form the Iowa Nutrient Research Center (administered by ISU), a Regents Center focused on developing science-based approaches to understanding point source and non-point source nutrients discharges in Iowa.  Recently, Weber led a collaborative process that brought the Iowa Geological Survey to IIHR, expanding its role in better understanding the state’s precious groundwater resources.  Weber serves the state on the Iowa Water Resources Coordinating Council and routinely provides guidance on water science and policy related matters to the legislature and various state/federal agencies. Through Weber’s leadership, IIHR has broadened its research, outreach and educational programs to cover groundwater to surface water flows, water quantity and water quality issues, by studying conditions ranging from drought to flood, and everything in between.