America's Watershed Board of Directors

A diverse board includes participants from across the watershed and different sectors.


Rob Rash

Mississippi Valley Flood Control Association. Germantown, Tenn.



Rob is Chief Executive Officer/Chief Engineer of the St. Francis Levee District of Arkansas and Executive Vice President of the Mississippi Valley Flood Control Association. As Chief Engineer he is responsible for the ownership, operation and maintenance of 411 miles of levees along the Mississippi and St. Francis Rivers. These levees protect 2 million acres of cultivated farmland and 250,000 residents.

The Mississippi Valley Flood Control Association represents more than 175 different organizations, including levee boards, drainage districts, municipalities, port authorities and state agencies in the Mississippi River Valley. Since formed in 1922, the Association has been instrumental in securing authorization and appropriation of funds for the Mississippi River and Tributaries Project and other water resource projects.