America's Watershed Board of Directors

A diverse board includes participants from across the watershed and different sectors.

Sean Duffy Sr.

Big River Coalition

Sean assumed the duties of Executive Vice President-Maritime Advocate with the Louisiana Maritime Association in 2011, and was hired to promote improvements beneficial to maritime stakeholders along the Lower Mississippi River. He also currently serves as the Executive Director of the Big River Coalition.

Under his tutelage, the Big River Coalition has grown and now represents navigation interests across the entire Mississippi River basin.  He continues in this role to passionately represent the economic engine of navigation on the largest and most dynamic river system in the world.  The term he prefers is the “world’s economic superhighway.”

Sean served as the President and Chief Executive Officer for the Gulf States Maritime Association from 2005 to 2011.  During his previous tenure, Sean became a proponent for local industry and specialized in lobbying Capitol Hill for supplemental funds for maintenance dredging and waterway maintenance.  As the third generation of his family to work in the maritime industry, Sean began working on the docks in the Port of New Orleans in his early teen years during breaks from school  Previous employment experiences include various management duties, Boarding Agent, Deckhand, Stevedore General Superintendent and Marine Surveyor.  Sean is intimately familiar with obstacles faced by the maritime industry, both nationally and those specific to Louisiana, and he has become an expert on coastal restoration and maintenance dredging.

His many professional associations include Congressman Scalise’s Maritime Advisory Group; the National Association of Maritime Organization; America’s Wetlands Foundation Big River Works Initiative, and the Louisiana Freight Advisory Council, to name only a few