America's Watershed Steering Committee

A diverse steering committee include participants from across the watershed and different sectors.

David Simmons

Consultant to Viking River Cruises

David’s career as a hotel professional expanded to the passenger riverboat industry in 1996 as Senior Vice President with the Delta Queen Steamboat Company, a part of American Classic Voyages. Delta Queen’s mission was to provide a high level of service featuring America’s history, heritage, culture, and cuisine. David was instrumental in DQSC achieving its goal to broaden its reach of cruise passengers from three iconic steamboats to an eight vessel fleet serving both coasts as well as the Mississippi river system.

When in 2002, DQSC was placed into Bankruptcy as part of the failure of its parent company, AMCV, David became a chief contributor to a small select group brought together to resurrect the three riverboat operation. To the benefit of the creditors, the group was successful. David continued with Delaware North until 2004.

David joined America West Steamboat Company, owned by the Hillman Group of Pittsburgh, Pa. Prior to David and Tom Carman, former COO of DQSC, joining American West the company had six years of negative income. Under the new management, American West achieved profitability in just over two years. Having shown a strong positive trend, American West was sold to the Ambassadors International Group.

In 2008, David and Tom Carman formed a Consulting Company serving the Cruise Industry on American Waterways. David is responsible for providing Mississippi River System expertise to Viking River Cruises as they introduce their model, proven in Europe to America.