America's Watershed Board of Directors

A diverse board includes participants from across the watershed and different sectors.

Teri Goodmann

City of Dubuque, Iowa

Teri was appointed Assistant City Manager in February 2007. In that position she focuses on intergovernmental relations, strategic partnerships and private and public grant funding. She is the City’s legislative liaison working with city, county, state and federal elected and appointed government officials maintaining effective working relationships and alliances.

Prior to joining the City of Dubuque, Teri led the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium’s national development efforts, including the management of government relations and strategic partnerships, fund development, national outreach and education as the Director of National Advancement for the NMRMA and National Rivers Hall of Fame. In this capacity, she was the lead campaign coordinator for the nationally recognized and highly successful America’s River project, the $188 million phase one riverfront redevelopment initiative in Dubuque, Iowa which opened in 2003. In addition, she was responsible for launching and managing the museum’s national education and outreach program River Works Discovery featuring the conservation, commerce and culture of the rivers of America.

Prior to her employment with the Dubuque County Historical Society/National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium, she worked for sixteen years as a political campaign manager and consultant, managing campaigns for city, county, state legislative, congressional and presidential campaigns. In addition, she taught French and Spanish to elementary students at area schools.

Teri serves as a trustee of Clarke University, Dubuque, Iowa and for the National Waterways Foundation. Teri is a founding member of America’s Watershed Initiative and serves on the AWI Steering Committee. She is a member of the Dubuque County Magistrate Appointing Committee.

Teri was appointed by the Environmental Protection Agency Administrator to serve on the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) advising the Commission for Environmental Cooperation as defined in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Teri is also a board member of the John C. Culver Public Policy Center at Simpson College.