About America's Watershed Initiative

Uniting people, land & water across 31 states.

Formed in 2010, America’s Watershed Initiative (AWI) is a collaborative organization working with hundreds of business, government, academic, and civic organizations to find solutions for the challenges of managing the Mississippi River and the more than 250 rivers that flow into it.

The challenges facing the waters and lands in America’s Watershed are large and growing; only by working together and seeking collaborative solutions will we make meaningful and sustained progress to meet these many challenges.

Central to AWI’s efforts to educate and promote investment and collaboration across the Mississippi River Watershed is the development of the Mississippi River Watershed Report Card, which brings together data from multiple sectors and basins, allowing an examination of the status and trends in the watershed to build a shared vision for collaborative action.

Key Objectives

To ensure the Mississippi River Watershed remains productive and healthy for future generations, AWI calls on the nation to:

  • Invest: $2 Billion in annual funding through private and government sources to address critical needs in inland navigation, regenerative agriculture, ecosystem function, and flood and water management.
  • Learn: Establish a science agenda, improve data information systems, and report progress against goals to inform decisions and ensure wise use of funds.
  • Educate: An informed citizenry—coupled with transparent and data-informed decision-making by basin leaders—will facilitate progress toward goals.
  • Act: Greater collaboration among complementary and competing interests will improve our ability to manage in a way that values all uses of this tremendous resource.

Our Address

America’s Watershed Initiative
10805 Sunset Office Dr #400
St. Louis, MO 63127