We’re committed to Raise the Grade
in America’s Watershed

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We must work together to scale up solutions for improving water quality and quantity, safety, and the health of America’s Watershed so that we advance in the 21st century.


  • We advocate for $1 billion annually in new public and private investment to ensure that America’s Watershed continues to drive our national economy, and protect the livelihoods and environments of future generations.
  • We encourage greater collaboration and improved information to better manage an increasingly complex system for multiple benefits.
  • We support a more transparent, integrated approach for decision-making, where stakeholders are engaged at a watershed scale in setting goals based on best available information.
  • We recognize and support local leaders who develop and implement solutions and we invite their continued participation as partners.
  • We believe the longer we wait to invest in raising the grade, the more it will cost us and future generations.

Spread the Word

We are communicating the results of the Report Card widely with business, political, and media leaders in all basins throughout the watershed. The Report Card is a tool to communicate the status of six broad goals for our nation’s most important watershed. The results reveal that our current trajectory is unsustainable. We will use the Report Card to continue our efforts to build a shared voice to improve the future of the Mississippi River Watershed. We will release additional reports based on the data in the Report Card, and we will seek partners to continue the analysis in the Report Card in greater detail in the basins and for specific goals. One way you can help us spread the word is by following AWI on Twitter and re-tweeting information about the Report Card. Together, we can #RaiseTheGrade!

Help spread the word!

Grow The Collaboration

We will recruit additional partners to strengthen the collaboration to Raise the Grade for America’s Watershed. We will seek leaders from all the basins and goal areas to ensure that the collaboration is strong and diverse. We want to grow America’s Watershed Initiative to include voices who are committed to finding collaborative solutions to watershed challenges.


Focus on Action

We will develop and work to advance a coordinated and shared action agenda to Raise the Grade for America’s Watershed. We will work together to achieve a collective impact from strategic investments in the watershed, and we’ll work together to improve decision-making and leverage the great efforts undertaken by many groups in the watershed.

Together we will Raise the Grade!

The AWI Report Card was developed over two years with significant amount of information and feedback from hundreds of experts and stakeholders throughout the watershed and nation. View a comprehensive Report Card technical paper that includes data sources, calculations and analysis.