Advancing a Vision for the Mississippi

2014 Summit

2014 Summit Synopsis

The 2014 America’s Watershed Initiative Summit brought together 135 key private, public, and non-profit sector stakeholders to improve governance of the Mississippi Watershed. The summit provided a dynamic forum for discussion and updates on key projects such as the America’s Watershed Report Card, State of the Basin Report, and the development of a shared agenda for change, which was presented and discussed.

2014 Program  Book












Summit Sponsors (4MB, pdf)

Summit Proceedings (3.4MB, pdf)

Response to Summit Comments

2014 Summit Presentations:

Welcome and America’s Watershed Initiative

Speaker bios

Reflections of a “Thinking Practitioner”: Crafting Collaborative Holistic Solutions (6MB, pdf)

DRAFT Report Card (6MB, pdf)

America’s Watershed: A Work in Progress (138KB, pdf)

America’s Watershed Initiative Report Card

Report Card Intro (1MB, pdf)

A Journey through the Mississippi River Watershed (7.4MB, pdf)

Fast-Forward 50… America’s Watershed Report Card in 2064

America’s Watershed Initiative – 50 Years After the 4 Revolutions With No Action? (4.4MB, pdf)

Deep Dive: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Deep Dive: Getting to the Heart of the Matter (3.9MB, pdf)

Deep Dive: Water Treatment (2.1MB, pdf)

Sustainable Agricultural Systems (3.2MB, pdf)

Achieving Balance in an Imperfect World (3.8MB, pdf)

The Impact of Low-Water on the Mississippi River and to the Nation (1.3MB, pdf)

Undaunted Courage (9.3MB, pdf)

Watershed Solutions Dialogue

DIFFERENT BY DESIGN: Today’s Conversations Shape Tomorrow’s Watershed (738KB, pdf)

Where to From Here?

DAY 2 – BREAKOUT SET-UP (1.3MB, pdf)

Private Sector Leadership in the Mississippi River Watershed

Approach to a Sustainable Water Future (2.7MB, pdf)

Post-Summit Interview with America’s Watershed Director

Collaboratively Managing the Mississippi River Watershed